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How would members be informed of a new real estate deal?answer
  1. Members will receive an email when a new deal is available.

  2. Following that, members will also receive an email on a webinar on the new deal, typically held in collaboration with the deal sponsor. Members may register to attend the webinar to gain more insights into the new deal. After the webinar, the new deal will be open for subscription. Details and information of the new deal, as well as the Investment Participation Agreement (or "IPA"), will be made available on the RealVantage investment platform.

  3. Members who wish to subscribe to an investment offering may do so by clicking on the deal card shown below and going through the steps of the investment process.

    Deal card that is open for investment on the opportunities page

  4. Once subscription for the deal is closed, either on a predetermined date or the fulfilment of the funding target, the IPA will be sent out to investors for their endorsement by e-signature.

  5. The invested funds will then be transferred to the deal sponsor, following which the investment will officially commence.

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