Space as we know it is getting reimagined and redesigned. In the office sector, flexible space – which includes co-working spaces, short-term leases, offices that offer mobility within the workplace, and virtual workplaces – has grown at an average annual rate of 22% since 2010. Under the pressure of the digital era and changing consumer preferences, grocery stores are also exploring innovative ways to transform and stay relevant.

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On the macro level, total cross-border investments in Asia Pacific reached US$57bn in 2019 for a second consecutive record year. Meanwhile, UK housing prices strengthened in all regions for the first time in nearly two years as Brexit uncertainty fades.

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These Six Office Perks are Here to Stay

These Six Office Perks are Here to Stay

Long gone are the days when offices with cubicles were the norm. Employees are now looking for perks that go beyond fringe benefits, and landlords are incorporating amenities that are available to all tenants, not just co-working members. Event spaces, tenant lounges and services borrowed from high-end hotels are becoming commonplace.

House Prices Rise in Every Region of UK for First Time in Two Years

House Prices Rise in Every Region of UK for First Time in Two Years

House prices have increased in every region in the UK for the first time in two years, as the Conservative party’s election victory and a more settled economic outlook calmed buyers’ nerves. House price data compiled by the Land Registry showed average annual house prices increased by 2.2% in December, up from 1.7% in November.

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Why Grocery Stores are Looking More and More like Restaurants

Why Grocery Stores are Looking More and More Like Restaurants

While grocery stores have long offered pre-made food options and even seating areas, lately they are evolving to become pseudo-restaurants. It’s a change that’s occurring alongside the global rise of food halls and consumers’ increasing preference for to-go food.

Asia Pacific Commercial Property Deals Slides 8% in 2019: RCA

Asia Pacific Commercial Property Deals Slide 8% in 2019: RCA

According to Real Capital Analytics (RCA), commercial real estate investment volumes slid in the fourth quarter of 2019. RCA noted that the investor pullback was limited to specific areas of weakness like Hong Kong, with the largest country markets remaining relatively unscathed by the economic headwinds.

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