Episode 0: Introducing The RealVantage Podcast

    RealVantage's co-founders: Keith Ong and Mao Ching Foo, share the reasons behind setting up The RealVantage Podcast.

    Episode 0: Introducing The RealVantage Podcast

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    0:00 Introduction by Victoria
    0:15 Keith’s Introduction
    0:48 Mao’s Introduction
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    Welcome to "RealVantage's Podcast" I am your host, Victoria Au. I'm joined by the founders of RealVantage, Keith and Mao, who will share the reasons behind launching this real estate podcast series.

    Hi, I'm Keith, the co-founder and CEO of RealVantage. I'd like to, first of all, thank you all for listening in.

    I’ve been in the real estate industry for 20 years and the bulk of my career was in investment roles within the real estate private equity space serving institutional capital, the likes of pension funds, insurance funds and sovereign funds. With the ability to generate passive income, capital appreciation and diversification, I believe real estate has a key place in every investor's portfolio.

    Hello, I'm Mao, co-founder of RealVantage. By creating an online real estate investing platform, RealVantage is able to bring a similar level of institutional service, international best practices as well as better real estate opportunities to a wider audience. Through the insights and stories, we hope this podcast series will serve to supplement your knowledge in the Real Estate market so that you are empowered to build your own resilient, high-performing global real estate portfolio.

    We bring you the best views and insights into the real estate market. So please subscribe on Spotify, iTunes and wherever you may be listening from. Catch you on the next episode!

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