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Global Real Estate Alternative & Tactical (GREAT) Fund

Target Net IRR
Target Annualised Distribution
5 years
Investment Period
Distribution Frequency
The Global Real Estate Alternative & Tactical Fund (or "GREAT") provides accredited investors direct access to institutional-quality properties in developed markets that have been carefully selected. GREAT targets a net IRR of 12% to 15% and annualised distribution of 4% to 5%, with a focus on a blend of capital gains and quarterly payouts.

One of the key differentiating factors of GREAT is the robust deal sourcing capabilities leveraging on RealVantage's vast network of deal sponsors and partners, underpinned by years of industry expertise and institutional experience. Investors shall enjoy priority access to RealVantage's deal flow and an allocation of up to 80% per deal via GREAT.

Designed to deliver stable income with the potential for capital gain upside, GREAT ensures a balanced and diversified portfolio across various real estate sectors and strategies, thus aiming to mitigate risks in the dynamic and volatile market landscape.
Investment rationale
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Real estate stands as a proven and consistently outperforming asset class. Sectoral themes riding on the digitalisation megatrends, chronic housing shortages, the silver economy to ESG-related real estate are brimming with high growth potential.
These factors create an opportune time for us to take advantage of the current market dislocations in the various sectors, including residential/multi-family, industrial and logistics as well as office and retail.
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The global real estate market continues to be influenced by a confluence of technological, demographic, and economic factors. Urbanisation trends in emerging markets, an aging population in developed nations, and the rise of technology-driven spaces are reshaping the landscape.
The declining macroeconomic climate and rapid rise in interest rates has led to market dislocations resulting in appealing property valuations.
Why invest in The GREAT Fund
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Priority Access and Carefully Curated Portfolio
The Fund will have priority access to invest in all our deals. Deals will be carefully curated to build a well-diversified portfolio that offers better risk reduction, convenience and downside protection.
lower fees
Lower Fees
The Fund will enjoy lower fees compared to investing in deals individually on our platform.
market dislocations
Market Dislocations Create Attractive Asset Value
We believe the heightened interest rates, slowing macro-economic growth and tightening of lending are resetting asset values, thus providing attractive investment opportunities.
experienced team
Experienced Team
Our team's established reputation and multi decade experience in the private equity real estate industry has led to strong relationships with sponsors, and brokers which will likely enable us to source differentiated deals unavailable to other investment managers; contributing to a robust investment pipeline for the Fund.
We're partnering with Paragon Capital to make this fund a reality
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  • Established in 2017, Paragon Capital Management Singapore (PCMS) is a Singapore-based boutique asset management firm with AUM in excess of SGD 800 million.
  • Investment team composed of seasoned veterans from the banking, wealth management and finance sectors with deep experience to navigate complex market dynamics and in providing bespoke investment strategies that align with each of the clients' unique financial goals.
  • As a Capital Market Services Licensee granted by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), PCMS is a trusted partner that delivers exceptional investment solutions and wealth management services to accredited investors.
  • Consistently delivered strong investment performance, generating favourable returns for its esteemed clientele.
Why you should join RealVantage
Diversify your investment portfolio across asset classes and overseas properties
Strong industry expertise

Strong industry expertise

The deals are assessed by experienced professionals, with an investment committee that is composed of industry veterans.

Few deals pass the bar

Few deals pass the bar

Thoroughly reviewed with rigorous underwriting. Out of every 100 deals, fewer than 10 get selected for deeper analysis.

We are in it too

We are in it too

For each deal that we approve, we put our money where our mouth is, and co-invest alongside you.

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