Our story

RealVantage was conceived from our co-founders' belief that a revolution in direct real estate investment is long due. After building successful careers in institutional real estate investment industry and technology firms, their vision at RealVantage is:

To bring their collective skill-sets, experience, and knowledge, and unlock a world of institutional real estate investing for everyone.
But why only real estate?
Merits of Real Estate

The merits of real estate as an alternative investment asset class are well-proven – from wealth preservation, inflation hedging, returns generation, providing a source of consistent passive income stream, to diversification

Direct Investment in Real Estate

Direct investment in real estate has largely remained a domain confined to high net worth or institutional investors

Full Benefits

The average investors have unfortunately not been able to enjoy the full benefits of direct real estate investment

At RealVantage, our goal is to use our experiences and technological edge and help you build a diversified, global, and high performing real estate investment portfolio.

Our philosophy

Research Matters

Research matters

Real estate is an asset class that is less transparent compared to stocks and bonds, presenting a double-edged sword. Information, or the lack of it, creates inefficiencies in the market that reward those with quality research and punish the under-informed. We seek to build an information edge by performing thorough research – both top-down and bottom-up.

Emphasis on Risk Management

Emphasis on risk management

Too often, investors focus overly on potential returns at the expense of risks. While a value-driven approach is important in our investment strategy, we are more sensitive to potential downsides. Stress tests on leverage limits, market demand, operating expenses and exit strategies form the more vital component in our deal assessments.

Leverage on Technology

Leverage on technology

We are firm believers of leveraging on technology to improve both decision-making and operational efficiency. We apply techniques and our experience from quant trading and data science to real estate market analysis to provide our investors with the competitive edge.

Establishing Trust

Establishing trust

Integrity and credibility form the bedrock of our principles and they guide our decision-making every step of the way. These values cascade into our actions; we seek alignment of interests through co-investment, transparency through material disclosures, and target quality of deals over quantity. Our staff are incentivised on performance and do not engage in businesses that create a conflict of interest between us and investors. Our investment decisions are motivated only by what we believe will help them achieve their investment objectives.

Our investment strategy

Real estate is a unique asset class that sits at the intersection of the physical market and the capital market. While we employ a multitude of ways to generate returns at RealVantage, our investment strategies are underpinned by a set of beliefs:
Fundamentals Above All

#1: Fundamentals above all

We are fundamental investors at heart. There is nothing wrong with crafting investment strategies off early-stage government urban renewal/infrastructure plans, tentative signs of regulatory policy changes, or even investor sentiments/behavioral economics. While all these factors figure in our analyses, we also recognise that we live in a highly dynamic world and the investment environment could change relatively quickly. With deals anchored in sound fundamentals, history has shown that even if the performance of an asset deviates unfavorably due to unforeseen reasons, market fundamentals and mean-reversion eventually re-assert themselves.

Cash Flow is King

#2: Cash flow is king

Cliché but eminently important nonetheless. Intricately tied with #1, mean-reversion would be pointless if the cash position of a deal is not sufficiently robust to see through short-term unfavorable gyrations. Even for more opportunistic deals involving development where investor distributions are back-end loaded, we place heavy focus on the health of the project's cash flow.

Supply Side is the Right Side

#3: Supply-side is the right side

A unique feature of real estate is the asymmetrical market response time between physical demand and supply. While the demand-side situation can change relatively quickly, the industry is much less nimble on the supply-side. Strategies anchored by supply-constrained markets are much more robust. RealVantage looks for target markets with no competitive supply planned or under construction and seek to get ahead of capital flows in areas where economic growth is projected to drive tenant demand and new supply is not yet on the horizon.

Value Investment a Key Risk-Control Measure

#4: Value investment a key risk-control measure

We seek to acquire—at the right price—fundamentally sound assets that have previously lacked capital, attention or effective management. While buying below replacement cost offers a margin of safety, such opportunities are few and far between. RealVantage believes in a disciplined approach in purchasing an asset, using its data-driven algorithms and detailed qualitative criteria to establish the maximum purchase price.

Value-Add Strategy to Drive Returns Through Market Cycles

#5 Value-add strategy to drive returns through market cycles

Unlike stocks and bonds, real estate is an asset class that goes beyond buying-low-selling-high. In addition to capitalising on physical and financial market cycles, on a selective basis, our investment strategy would incorporate value-add and opportunistic deals which would trade up the risk-return spectrum to complement a core portfolio. We look to acquire under-managed or under-capitalised assets that the RealVantage team can stabilise and refurbish, and implement a dynamic asset management plan in order to position each investment for sale at the maximum price.

Our approach

Our Approach
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