City Centre Regeneration Opportunity (Manchester, UK)

    Capitalise on Manchester's strong demographics and supply-constrained residential sector while providing passive cash yield and downside protection.

    City Centre Regeneration Opportunity (Manchester, UK)

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    About The Speakers

    Dr. Teddy Tjandra | Country Managing Director (Indonesia)
    Teddy has transacted multi-billion GBP and EUR asset-backed debt securities and advised on risk and compliance for top global banks and asset management funds. He was a Senior VP at Barclays Group, KPMG, and Lloyds Banking Group (United Kingdom).

    Mark Ho | Managing Director - Investment & Asset Management
    Mark has over 16 years of experience spanning cross-border investment, research and strategy, he has advised on and executed transactions in excess of USD 800 million across multiple asset classes and investment strategies. He was involved in the investment, research and strategy while under Pacific Star Group, capital market transactions and investment research in JLL, and real estate private equity in Deutsche Bank.

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