BusinessToday.News - RealVantage Hits Bullseye: Unveiling the Secrets Behind Their 24th Successful Deal

    In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate investments, Singapore-based RealVantage emerges as a trailblazer, celebrating yet another milestone in its journey.

    BusinessTodayNews - RealVantage Hits Bullseye Unveiling the Secrets Behind Their 24th Successful Deal

    SINGAPORE, Mar. 01 2024 / BusinessToday.News / –

    Key Takeaways:

    • RealVantage celebrates the realization of its 24th successful deal.
    • Investors in the PrivateInvest First Mortgage Fund witness promising returns.
    • Keith Ong, Co-founder & CEO, spearheads RealVantage’s vision and growth strategy.

    Unveiling RealVantage’s Success: A Journey of 24 Deals

    In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate investments, Singapore-based RealVantage emerges as a trailblazer, celebrating yet another milestone in its journey. With the realization of its 24th successful deal, the company solidifies its position as a leading online real estate investment platform in the Asia-Pacific region. The recent achievement underscores RealVantage’s commitment to delivering value and fostering fruitful partnerships within the investment community.

    Celebrating Success: RealVantage’s 24th Triumph

    RealVantage proudly announces the successful realization of its PrivateInvest First Mortgage Fund, encompassing both AUD and SGD transactions. Boasting a Net Annualised Return (NAR) of 7% for AUD and 6% for SGD, along with Equity Multiples (EM) of 1.07x and 1.06x respectively, RealVantage surpasses expectations and reaffirms its proficiency in navigating diverse investment landscapes.

    Keith Ong, Co-founder & CEO of RealVantage, expresses his enthusiasm, stating, “In light of the current market dynamics, we are particularly gratified to deliver these returns. This accomplishment signifies the 24th successful deal executed by RealVantage.”

    Amidst shifting market dynamics and evolving investor sentiments, RealVantage remains steadfast in its pursuit of excellence. Leveraging its extensive industry experience and robust investment strategies, the company continues to unlock lucrative opportunities for its platform members. With a focus on transparency, diligence, and strategic collaboration, RealVantage navigates complexities with precision, ensuring optimal outcomes for its stakeholders.

    According to Keith Ong, “We are committed to sourcing and offering more of such opportunities. Most importantly, we eagerly anticipate your continued partnership in our co-investment journey.”

    Behind the Scenes: Keith Ong’s Vision and Leadership

    At the helm of RealVantage stands Keith Ong, a visionary leader with over two decades of experience in investment banking and asset management. As the Co-founder & CEO, Keith orchestrates the company’s strategic initiatives, steering it towards sustainable growth and innovation. With a proven track record in transacting over USD 3 billion across diverse geographies and sectors, Keith embodies excellence and expertise in the realm of real estate investments.

    Reflecting on his journey, Keith shares insights into his professional trajectory, stating, “RealVantage is committed to bringing investors access to global investment opportunities across different sectors.”

    A Glimpse into Keith Ong’s Persona: The Man Behind the Vision

    Beyond his professional endeavors, Keith Ong remains deeply rooted in his personal convictions and pursuits. A graduate of the University of Cambridge with a Master of Philosophy in Land Economy, Keith balances his professional commitments with a passion for tennis, sustainable investing, and culinary arts. Married with two children, Keith’s dedication extends beyond the boardroom, encompassing familial values and community engagement.

    For a comprehensive understanding of Keith Ong’s profile, visit RealVantage Team and Keith Ong’s LinkedIn.

    In Conclusion: A Testament to Excellence

    As RealVantage celebrates its 24th successful deal, it underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. Through strategic foresight, diligent execution, and visionary leadership, RealVantage continues to redefine the contours of real estate investments in the Asia-Pacific region. As the journey unfolds, investors can expect unparalleled opportunities and sustainable growth, guided by the principles of transparency, integrity, and collaboration.

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