Aida Street Development Loan

    Join our webinar to learn how you can invest in a rare opportunity to participate in a loan for the development of two semi-detached houses in District 15, Singapore.

    Aida Street Development Loan

    About The Speakers

    Mark Ho | Managing Director - Investment Management of RealVantage
    Mark has over 21 years of experience spanning cross-border investment, research and strategy, he has advised on and executed transactions in excess of USD 800 million across multiple asset classes and investment strategies. He was involved in investment, research and strategy at Pacific Star Group, capital market transactions and investment research at JLL, and real estate private equity at Deutsche Bank before joining a family office.

    Victor Chin | Associate, Investment Management of RealVantage
    Victor completed his undergraduate studies in 2021 at the National University of Singapore and holds a Second-Class (Upper) Hons Bachelor’s degree in Real Estate. During his two years at CBRE Valuations and Advisory and CBRE APAC Hotels Capital Markets, he completed over 50 valuations and advisory assignments across commercial, industrial, and hospitality assets in Singapore, Maldives, and other countries within the Asia-Pacific region.

    Raymond Phua | Founder and CEO of Da Vinci Land
    Raymond Phua, whose journey in the realm of bespoke luxury has become the bedrock of his illustrious reputation for the last 30 years. Raymond has transcended the realms of ordinary to pioneer a legacy of opulence and individuality in the property development and luxury lifestyle sectors.

    As the Founder and CEO of Da Vinci Land, Raymond has redefined luxury property development, each project an epitome of bespoke elegance tailored to the discerning tastes of high net worth clientele. Under his astute leadership, the firm recently etched its mark of distinction by being shortlisted as the Best Breakthrough Developer at the coveted PropertyGuru’s 13th Asia Property Awards.

    Raymond’s penchant for the sublime extends beyond the contours of brick and mortar; it finds expression in the realm of high-end furniture through the Da Vinci group of companies. Established in 1994, these companies under Raymond’s helm, has garnered numerous accolades including the Best Brand Award and Most Promising Brand Award in Singapore, further embellishing his stature in the luxury domain. Outside of Singapore, Raymond's enterprises have found robust roots in regions spanning Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Italy, and the United States. Raymond’s global footprint is a testimony to his multifaceted acumen and a robust network cultivated over 3 decades of well-travelled experiences.

    Bing Hui Tan | Director and Principal Architect of Da Vinci Land
    Bing Hui holds a Second-Class Honours (Upper) Masters of Architecture degree from the National University of Singapore and was the recipient of the BCA Built Environment Scholarship in 2010. This prestigious scholarship facilitated his engagement with the construction industry. Over the years, he has built an impressive career, working at renowned Singaporean architectural firms, such as Ong & Ong, Swan & Maclaren Architects and also founded Create Architecture, an award winning Architecture practice. As a registered architect, Bing Hui has garnered numerous awards for his contributions to residential and hospitality projects in the region.

    In addition to his achievements, Bing Hui is recognised as a Young Leader by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA). In this role, he offers advisory and mentorship for emerging architects and provides valuable insights to the industry regarding Singapore's evolving development landscape.

    Bing Hui's expertise spans a wide range of architectural aspects, including feasibility studies, design competitions, conceptual design, design development, project management, and compliance with Singapore's building regulations.

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