How does investing with RealVantage work?


Create an Account
1. Create an account

Signing up on RealVantage platform is fast and simple. A step flow process will guide you through the onboarding process, which you can take your time to complete. While this may seem to be a painful process, it is a necessary step to safeguard us and you against fraud, money laundering, and financial crimes.

Browse Investment Opportunities
2. Browse investment opportunities

Once you join, you have exclusive access to Investment opportunities presented on our platform in a highly transparent manner. All our opportunities are rigorously vetted, analysed, and cleared by our investment committee for funding.

Deposit Money
3. Deposit money

When you are ready to invest, top up your RealVantage account with the desired investment amount by making a fund transfer to our designated Escrow Account, which is administered by an external fund custodian.

Investor Invest
4. Invest

Once your Escrow Account is funded, log into your RealVantage account to select your preferred opportunity, decide on the sum to invest and confirm your investment. Once the deal is funded, the definitive agreements will be provided for e-signing. Our integrated, custom built technology platform allows everything to be done online seamlessly and securely.


RealVantage Acts as Your Real Estate Fund Manager
5. RealVantage acts as your real estate fund manager

Once the Investment is completed. RealVantage will expertly manage the asset to maximise returns and reduce downside risks. You will be able to keep abreast of your investment through your dedicated dashboard.


Track Your Investments
6. Track your investments

You have full visibility into the performance of your investment via RealVantage's dashboard. Track the total funds invested and distributions. You will also receive quarterly asset management reports.

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