Providing a technology-enabled environment for children to receive broad exposure to future skills and to cultivate an innovative mindset
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Expanding horizons, changing lives

Keith Ong - Chief Executive Officer
Keith Ong - Chief Executive Officer

When I first came across =DREAMS, I was moved by its mission to provide a residential boarding school exclusively for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. I was inspired by how the campus would provide an environment where the children could be empowered and aspire for a better life.

The RealVantage team is privileged to be able to conceptualise THE SPACE, a creative and digital space within the campus where the children can explore, create and express themselves in a meaningful way. Our hope is that this space would help them expand their horizons and discover their potential.

Every child deserves a comfortable, secure, and caring environment

"While 90% of Singapore households live in homes of their own, corporates and the community must look to how they can help the 10% who may need socio-economic support, especially with their children's holistic development."

Every child deserves a comfortable environment

Empowering promising and aspiring children to break out of poverty by providing them with opportunities to fulfill their potential in a safe, learning, residential environment.

Dreams Logo
A first-of-its-kind aspirational boarding residence that provides after-school academic and holistic support.

We share the same

Dreams Logo
It is our hope that as children go through their formative years in a nurturing environment, their personal hopes of uplifting their family unit will be fulfilled beyond their graduation.
Dreams Internal
  • Providing tailored support to address realities of unequal life circumstances.
  • Empowering the next generation to break out of the poverty trap.
  • Reducing social stratification through equal opportunities.

The campus

Converted from community center and funded by private donors and in-kind donations. Renovations started in 2021 and completed in 2022.
Dreams Map

Campus facilities

Campus Facilities Multi Purpose Hall
Multi-Purpose Hall
Campus Facilities Quadrangle
Campus Facilities Quadrangle
Campus Facilities Rooms
Campus Facilities Rooms
Campus Facilities Amphitheatre


THE SPACE is where digital literacy curriculums will be held to prepare our residents to understand and use digital resources and technologies in personal, school and societal contexts.

Our goal

  • Provide a technology-enabled environment for children to receive broad exposure to future skills and to cultivate an innovative mindset.
  • Offer an inspiring environment that promotes interaction, communication and integration.
Dynamic Stations

Collaborative Area

Raised platforms to provide additional seating as boarding school cohort size increases.

Additional storage space underneath the raised platforms.

Activity tables fit in the notches to maximise free space for larger group activities.

Our goal collaborative area
Our goal tech matrix

Tech Matrix

High Powered CPUs to run programs that require higher specifications such as video editing, e-sports, and graphics rendering.

Digital Creator's Zone

Lounge furniture for kids to explore content creation such as film, vlogs, and interviews.

Our goal digital creators zone
Our goal makers corner

Maker's Corner

Dedicated section for 3D printing, crafting projects, and toolkit storage.

Portable Charging Cart for laptop charging units.

Dynamic Stations

Half hexagon tables allow for dynamic and unique shapes to accommodate different learning activities and encourage small group learning.

Our goal dynamic stations
Our goal transformative spaces

Transformative Spaces

Modular partitioning to improve flexibility of usage with alternating white board and acoustic sliding doors.

Acoustic ceilings in bright colours, that also reduce excessive noise reverberation; Increase effectiveness of lessons.

A future not limited by circumstances

Who can qualify:

  • Children aged 12 and above.
  • Residing in a HDB Rental Flat under the HDB Public Rental Scheme.
  • Secured a place in an MOE mainstream school.
  • High aspirations and strong desire to succeed.

The real work begins

The Real Work Begins

RealVantage will undertake -

  • Curation of after-school Digital Literacy curriculum.
  • Conceptualisation and leading the renovation of THE SPACE to improve room aesthetics and functionality.
  • Fundraising for above-mentioned responsibilities.

The current space vs after

The Current Space
Current space
Space After

Programs that are run in “THE SPACE”

RealVantage will be sourcing, evaluating and coordinating with digital enrichment providers, below is a flavour on the breadth of activities held in “THE SPACE”:
Soft Skills

Soft Skills

  • Leadership
  • Public Speaking


  • Coding
  • Content creation
  • Robotics


  • Journal book creation
  • Art Jamming
  • Leather-crafting
  • 3D Printing

A team that

Dreams Logo
Dreams TeamDreams Board

Our like-minded partners

Kaizen Architecture
3D Printers
3D Printers

We invite you to join us in making THE SPACE come to life

We invite you to join us
We were fortunate enough to have gathered like-minded partners who spontaneously rolled up their sleeves and got to work pro bono in building out THE SPACE. Communities need resources to thrive and I am keenly aware that donations are crucial. However, through the process of creating THE SPACE, we also realised the value of donating time to the cause.
RealVantage wants to make an impact and change lives for the better. We have a vision for THE SPACE and invite you to join us in making our vision come to life. We deeply appreciate your generous support.
Thank you for your generosity.

How you can help

How You Can Help
RealVantage is raising a total of SGD80,000
  • Donations to Raise: SGD 80,000
  • Donation Period: 22 March - 30 June 2023
  • Target Renovation Period: 27 March - Late April 2023
Any funds, as jointly determined by RealVantage and =DREAMS, to be in excess of the furnishing and equipping of "THE SPACE" will be utilised for the general operating expenses of =DREAMS

We deeply appreciate your support

22 Mar 2023 - 30 Jun 2023
Donation Period
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Join us in making a difference and in giving back to the community! Your donation can help change lives and support our vision. Every contribution, no matter how small, can help us reach our goals and create a brighter future for those in need.
Donate now and be a part of something truly meaningful. Together, we can make a difference that lasts a lifetime.
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