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Successful Onboard
Upon First Investment
Total Incentive
Referrer (You)
SGD 50
SGD 150
SGD 200
New Investor
SGD 150
SGD 150
How to Refer

How to refer:

  1. Have your friend sign up at and complete the registration process.
  2. Fill in this referral form to inform us of the introduction. We may also get in touch with your friend and assist him/her with the registration process.
  3. Upon confirmation of his/her investor status, you will receive the incentive.

Earn up to SGD 200 per referral!

  • For every new Accredited Investor onboarded onto the platform as an investor, you will get SGD 50.
  • Your friend will have a credit of SGD 150 upon his/her first investment.
  • With your friend's first successful investment, you too will receive a credit of SGD 150 towards your next investment.
  • There is no limit to how many friends you can refer! Act now. *Subject to Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

  1. This exclusive promotion ("Referral Program") is valid between 15 June 2020 to 31 December 2022.

  2. RealVantage will have full discretion to change these terms and conditions, and suspend or terminate any of the promotions without giving any notice. Where a dispute involving the interpretation of the Referral Program terms and conditions arises, RealVantage reserve the right to have the final say.

  3. Eligible investors consent to RealVantage's collection and use of investor's personal data and any disclosures of investor's personal data by/to third parties, and creating an account for the purpose of this promotion. Eligible investors agree to the RealVantage's Platform Terms and Conditions and RealVantage Terms of Use, which can be found at

  4. There will be an incentive payout of SGD 50 given to the Referrer - upon confirmation that the investor is successfully onboarded. An investor is deemed to be onboarded when
    (A) the investor has successfully uploaded the documents for KYC / AML and proof of Accredited Investor status.
    (B) the investor successfully clears RealVantage's KYC and AML onboarding checks;
    (C) Investor is certified to be an Accredited Investor.

  5. Incentive of SGD 50 to the Referrer will be paid out within 2 weeks of New Investor's certified investor confirmation. RealVantage will make contact with the Referrer and payment will be made via bank transfer to Referrer's account.

  6. Accredited investor as defined in the Securities and Futures Act ("SFA") CAP 289 Section 4A - means an individual whose
    (A) net personal assets exceeds SGD 2 million in value or the equivalent in foreign currencies, of which net equity of the individual's primary residence is not more than SGD 1 million; or
    (B) financial assets, net of any related liabilities, exceeds SGD 1 million; or
    (C) income in the preceding 12 months is not less than SGD 300,000 or the equivalent in foreign currencies

  7. Both the Referrer and New Investor will each have a credit of SGD 150 towards their respective next investments upon the New Investor's First Closed Investment. Incentive of SGD 150 to the Referrer and New Investor will be credited to their RV Account Statements within 2 weeks of the Investment close date.

  8. For the avoidance of doubt, the Referrer is not entitled to any further payments in respect to each New Investor after the First Investment even if the New Investor makes further investments with RealVantage.

  9. By taking part in this promotion, the eligible investor acknowledges that he/she has read and consent to these terms and conditions.

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