Odeon Shaftesbury Revitalisation Opportunity

    Watch our webinar, to learn about our latest opportunity - the revitalisation of the iconic Saville Theatre in Covent Garden, London.

    Odeon Shaftesbury Revitalisation Opportunity

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    About The Speakers

    Mark Ho | Managing Director - Investment & Asset Management
    Mark has over 16 years of experience spanning cross-border investment, research and strategy, he has advised on and executed transactions in excess of USD 800 million across multiple asset classes and investment strategies. He was involved in investment, research and strategy at Pacific Star Group, capital market transactions and investment research at JLL, and real estate private equity at Deutsche Bank before joining a family office.

    Cheng Kai Lim | Vice President - Investment Management
    Cheng Kai has over 6 years of real estate and banking experience, and has transacted in excess of USD 1 billion worth of real estate deals across various geographies. His previous experience includes time at The Collective, a UK based real estate firm where he worked on acquisitions and financing, The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), and Bank Julius Baer.

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