How does investing with RealVantage work?

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1. RealVantage sources for assets

Individual Apartments and Commercial Properties (Assets) are sourced, analysed and vetted by Platform RE Analysis. Assets that meet criteria have a Fact Sheet and Investment Report written up. Asset Purchase Price is determined. Information is put up to the platform. Funding Commences.


2. Create an account

Signing up on RealVantage platform is easy and free. Creating an Investor profile gives you access to real estate investment opportunities across the globe, portfolio management and RealVantage's professional resources.

3. Browse investment opportunities

Browse our Investment opportunities. You can view detailed information on investment analysis, location, property, market data and comparables.

4. Deposit money

Top up your RealVantage account in your preferred currency by making a transfer to our bank account in Singapore. All deposits are processed within the same business day so your funds are ready to be invested in no time.

5. Invest

RealVantage's secure online platform allows you to invest preferred investment amounts to build a customised, diverse portfolio - completely online. Our integrated, custom built technology means you e-sign Offer and Acceptance documentation and secure, encrypted systems allow for a simple transfer of funds into a third party escrow account.


6. RealVantage acts as your real estate fund manager

Once the Investment Amount is raised, the funding is complete. RealVantage will acquire the assets using funds from investors, expertly manage to maximise yields through economies of scale and optimise returns to reduce downside risks. The asset will generate rental income and revenue.


7. Collect rental profits

When the returns on your investments are finalised, you have the ability to deposit funds into your nominated bank account, or easily reinvest the principal and proceeds into another opportunity.

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